WTM 2017

WTM 2017

World Travel Market is a leader for the travel and tourism industry. WTM 2014 was an amazing success with almost 52,000 delegates attending the event, and an astounding 7% increase in senior buyers from the WTM Buyers’ Club. It is estimated that over $3.9 billion (£2.5b) in business was generated at WTM 2014, which beats the records of all 35 previous WTMs.

Brand USA Pavilion™ at WTM 2017

Brand USA Pavilions at international travel and tourism shows offer some of the most cost-effective opportunities for developing overseas markets, and the Brand USA Pavilion™ at WTM 2017 provides U.S. exhibitors with a choice of economical and hassle-free participation alternatives in a USA branded environment. As space is at a premium, exhibitors are encouraged to sign up as early as possible.


U.S. inbound travel from the U.K. reached 4,901,000 visitors in 2015 and is projected to increase 19% by 2020. (USDOC/OTTI)

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