The North American market is vast, competitive and expensive, and requires the skills, tools and means necessary to reach targeted audiences through the information jungle. B-FOR International’s multilingual staff has long experience from international trade shows and extensive knowledge of the North American market, and provides overseas show organizers with the in-market expertise and resources needed for growing the North American presence at their events.  By employing advanced marketing and communications strategies, B-FOR has recruited thousands of North American exhibitors and attendees to trade shows around the globe.

Applying its deep knowledge of the North American market to identify prime target audiences in industries covered by represented shows, B-FOR has established networks and built segmented industry databases, continuously verified, updated and expanded through cooperation with government agencies, trade associations, and media.

By working closely with government agencies and NGOs in the U.S. and Canada, B-FOR is in a position to secure official endorsement of a show, giving show organizers powerful endorsements and exhibitors the assurance that the show is a well-established, influential, and acknowledged vehicle for efficient export sales.