B-FOR International partners with government agencies, NGOs, exhibitors, show organizers, and service providers to provide its customers, clients and associates with world-class quality and service.

Show Organizers

B-FOR International partners with show organizers around the world to grow the North American presence at leading international trade shows through wide-ranging marketing campaigns, advising companies and organizations of the opportunities offered by trade shows, providing market intelligence and North American industry networks.

Messe Berlin

As the official North American Representative for Messe Berlin GmbH, Messe Berlin North America offers opportunities and provides services to U.S. and Canadian exhibitors, visitors, and media.  Messe Berlin is one of the world’s leading trade show companies, organizers of some of the world’s premier events, annually hosting more than 40,000 exhibitors and over 2.5 million visitors at some 100 events in Berlin and around the globe.
Messe Berlin North America
Messe Berlin GmbH

Hamburg Messe and Congress

Bieneck International, Inc., dba B-FOR International, is the Official North American Representative for Hamburg Messe and Congress, assisting Canadian and U.S. exhibitors and trade visitors with attending and exhibiting at events organized by HMC, in Hamburg and worldwide.  With 97,000 square meters (over 1 million square feet) of exhibition space, Hamburg hosts leading events for the maritime, wind energy and aircraft interior industries, among others.
Hamburg Messe and Congress

Government Agencies

B-FOR International has built strong working relationships with a number of North American government agencies to provide exhibitors with export market information and assistance, as well as information about available financial support.

U.S. Departments of Commerce

B-FOR International has signed a “U.S. Trade and Investment Expansion Partnership MOU” with the U.S. Department of Commerce and is often able to secure USDOC support for international trade shows and USA Pavilions through the USDOC Trade Fair Certification Program, and refers potential exhibitors to the U.S. Commercial Service for export market information and in-market assistance through the worldwide USCS network.
U.S. Commercial Service

U.S. Department of Agriculture

B-FOR International cooperates with USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service to provide U.S. exporters of food and food related products with high quality USA Pavilions at influential trade shows around the world, endorsed by USDA and serviced through USDA’s global network of Agricultural Trade Offices.
USDA Foreign Agricultural Service


B-FOR International has the experience, resources and organization to partner with trade associations, trade groups and co-ops in providing international exposure and support for members and constituents at international trade shows, creating and implementing memorable and successful exhibits and themed pavilions.

Trade Associations and Other NGOs

B-FOR International offers opportunities to co-organize or sponsor national or themed pavilions at international trade shows with trade associations and other NGOs.

By lending their support to a pavilion, trade associations are able to:

  • Boost member services
  • Add membership value
  • Encourage and facilitate member exports
  • Stimulate industry cooperation
  • Enhance association international exposure
  • Attract international membership
  • Advance industry international awareness
  • Form international partnerships and alliances
  • Leverage support from government agencies

Pavilion Sponsoring

Brand USA

In 1999, B-FOR introduced a successful travel and tourism USA Pavilion program in cooperation with the U.S. Travel Association (formerly TIA) that evolved into the SeeAmerica Pavilion and later the Discover America Pavilion programs at a number of leading international travel and tourism shows.  With the creation of the Corporation for Travel Promotion (d/b/a Brand USA) in 2011, B-FOR rebranded the program to ‘Brand USA Pavilion’ and has since expanded it, organizing some 80 Brand USA Pavilions at 22 international travel and tourism shows in 15 countries.

Brand USA Pavilion
Brand USA

Trade Show Service Providers

B-FOR Creative has built a global network of proven and trusted partners: trade show organizers, topnotch designers, architects, stand builders, AV service and I&D providers, freight forwarders, caterers, local staff and interpreters, enabling B-FOR Creative to serve its clients with in-market expertise while maintaining 100% control and client contact through its North American office.

B-FOR Creative