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What is a Trade Show Pavilion?

Trade show pavilions present an industry as a whole, represented by multiple individual exhibitors in a professional, competitive environment in a prime show floor location, under one national, industry, or theme brand.

The pavilion brand serves as a unifying element for the exhibitors, their industry and/or their country of origin. It positions and promotes the exhibitors and their business, products, services and individual brands, and serves as a quality standard for representing the exhibitors and their products as high quality and their businesses as reliable.

Companies often prefer exhibiting in a pavilion setting at international trade shows as pavilions offer global opportunities without the complications of exhibiting overseas with language barriers and cultural differences, currency exchange rates, red tape, varying and incomprehensible show regulations, and unreliable local contractors, allowing exhibitors to focus on exhibiting objectives. Companies might opt for showcasing their products in a domestic pavilion to take advantage of a more advantageous exhibition location and the perks that come with being part of a collective display.

Pavilion exhibitors retain their own identity while benefitting from being part of a more visible and powerful collaborative efforts, as pavilions help visitors easier find specific exhibits.

Pavilions offer cost-saving participation options and shared services, target audience reach and business opportunities in a competitive setting with in-market opportunities to interact with buyers, clients, associates and media.

Pavilions encourage industry cooperation through joint promotion and networking activities.

Learn more about exhibiting at international trade shows through the U.S. Commercial Service’s Exporting Basics series.

We know Trade Show Pavilions

B-FOR International is a leading organizer of pavilions at international trade shows, often in cooperation with government agencies and trade associations in the U.S. and Canada, with many certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce or endorsed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

B-FOR International-organized pavilions are impactful, effective and appealing, building upon existing campaign assets with local interpretations, creating a cohesive, professional, welcoming, interesting, and memorable experience under one brand umbrella.

B-FOR International-organized pavilions offer exhibitors all-inclusive, hassle-free and cost-effective participation options with extensive pre-, during- and post-show support, allowing exhibitors to focus on their market and exhibiting objectives.

B-FOR International-organized pavilions are designed to assure exhibitors and supporting organizations get the most of the trade show participation by providing:

  • Strong national/industry/theme branding
  • Focal point for exhibitors’ target audiences
  • Prime show location
  • Market support from government agencies and industry organizations
  • Pre-show promotion
  • Business Lounge with meeting space and hospitality services
  • Wi-Fi Internet access
  • Bi-lingual staff
  • Daily cleaning
  • Expert pre-, during- and post-event guidance, service, support and logistical coordination.
Pavilion Sponsoring

Sponsoring a trade show pavilion puts a business or organization in front of all show attendees, generating awareness, spawning media exposure, improving brand image, visibility and retention.
Pavilion Sponsoring