Trade Show Pavilions

What is a Trade Show Pavilion?

A trade show pavilion is a segment of exhibit space in a prime show location that hosts multiple exhibitors under one, often national, brand. Pavilions are designed to help exhibitors and supporting trade organizations and government agencies make the most of the international trade show experience by providing cost-effective and hassle-free participation options with extensive pre-, during- and post-show support allowing focus on promotion and sales.

Pavilion exhibitors retain their own identity while benefitting from being part of a more visible, collaborative effort as pavilions help visitors better find a specific exhibit. Pavilions offer exhibitors in-market opportunities to interact face-to-face with targeted audiences in a professional, branded environment and encourages industry cooperation through joint promotion and networking activities.

Show organizers benefit from B-FOR organized pavilions by having a single point of contact, responsible for all Pavilion exhibitor communication and payments.

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We know Trade Show Pavilions

B-FOR is a leading organizer of pavilions at international trade shows, often in cooperation with government agencies and trade associations. Many of our USA Pavilions are Certified by the U.S. Department of Commerce or Endorsed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture. B-FOR organized pavilions are impactful, effective and appealing, building upon existing campaign assets with local interpretations, creating a cohesive, professional, welcoming, interesting, and memorable experience under one brand umbrella.

Brand USA Pavilions

 Brand USA Pavilions, organized in cooperation with Brand USA, the U.S. Commercial Service and Visit USA organizations around the world provide its exhibitors with market outreach opportunities and strategic programs and platforms that increase awareness and enhance the image of the United States as the world’s premier travel destination. Brand USA serves as the unifying element for the Pavilions, representing U.S. travel and tourism interests on a global scale, with destinations, travel brands and other organizations participating as exhibitors.  Learn More

Food and Related Products Pavilions

Food Pavilions, endorsed by and organized in cooperation with departments of agriculture, regional trade groups, grower cooperatives, etc. offer exhibitors of food and related products cost-effective and hassle-free participation options with extensive pre-, during- and post-show support allowing focus on promotion and sales.
Food and Beverage Pavilions | Food Ingredients Pavilions

Diverse Industries Pavilions

B-FOR has experience from organizing Pavilions in a wide range of industries, from biotechnology and aerospace to pet products and consumer electronics, always providing exhibitors, partnering organizations and exhibitors with state-of-the-art service and quality attuned to the industries and markets.

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