Sponsoring a trade show pavilion puts a business or organization in front of all show attendees, generating awareness, spawning media exposure, improving brand image, visibility and retention.  A pavilion sponsorship can be distributed across social media, newspapers, magazines, radio, and TV.

As trade shows cater to a specific and targeted audience unlike other means of advertising that caters to the general audience, sponsoring a trade show pavilion could be more economical and practical compared with other advertising mechanisms.

There are a number of sponsorship opportunities available for B-FOR International organized Pavilions, like (where applicable):

  • Pavilion renamed “Title Sponsor Pavilion”
  • Priority booth selection (for exhibiting Sponsor)
  • Recognition and brand integration in all Pavilion exhibitor communications
  • Sponsor name/brand/message/images displayed throughout Pavilion:
  • Hanging aisle banners
  • Carpet imprint
  • Lanyards/badges
  • Pavilion staff clothing
  • Branded bag/literature distribution
  • Co-op pre-show invitation to targeted attendees
  • Branded Hospitality & Meeting Lounge:
  • Food and beverages items
  • Food service items
  • Co-op pre-show invitation to targeted attendees
  • Pavilion Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony
  • Co-branded Hospitality Function
  • Co-branded Press Conferences

B-FOR International offers trade associations and other NGOs opportunities to co-organize national or themed pavilions at international trade shows.  By lending their support to a pavilion, trade associations are able to:

  • Boost member services
  • Add membership value
  • Encourage and facilitate member exports
  • Stimulate industry cooperation
  • Enhance association international exposure
  • Attract international membership
  • Advance industry international awareness
  • Form international partnerships and alliances
  • Leverage support from government agencies