Brand USA Pavilion™

Promoting the United States
as the World’s Premier Travel Destination

Brand USA plays a unique role as the United States’ first cooperative destination marketing organization focusing its efforts on delivering programs and platforms that increase awareness and enhance the image of the United States among worldwide travelers in order to influence intent to travel to the United States and, most importantly, visitation and spend.

A cornerstone of Brand USA’s marketing strategies is the consumer and travel trade outreach opportunities made available to the industry, and trade shows are a vital part of Brand USA’s trade outreach. Throughout the year, Brand USA hosts a series of USA-branded pavilions at influential trade shows, which attract international travel buyers, consumers, and media. Brand USA serves as the unifying element at these shows, representing U.S. travel and tourism interests on a global scale, with destinations, suppliers, travel brands and other organizations of all shapes and sizes participating as exhibitors. Exhibitors retain their own identity yet benefit from being part of a more visible, collaborative United States effort.

Source: BrandUSA

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