IMEX Frankfurt 2022

Located in Germany, IMEX Frankfurt not only attracts a worldwide market but also places exhibitors at the center of Europe’s most influential and profitable market. Today Germany remains the second biggest outbound meetings market on the global stage after the United States. At IMEX Frankfurt 2019 70% of the visitors and 12.5% of hosted buyers were German.

IMEX gives you two markets in one: the power of international hosted buyers and the very valuable German market. Additionally, the IMEX Hosted Buyer Program offers handpicked, pre-qualified buyers with pre-arranged appointment schedules making it easy for buyers to attend, maximizing your sales potential. With the IMEX appointment system, you are guaranteed to meet only with buyers with a specific interest in your destination or product. They search for exhibitors in the Online Exhibitor Directory using keywords, product categories, destinations, or geographical regions, your name or booth number, resulting in some 69,500 appointments, the majority on a 1-on-1 basis. IMEX Frankfurt 2019 concluded with 3,439 exhibiting companies representing over 172 countries, 3,817 Hosted Buyers from 83 countries, and 3,976 Trade Visitors from 70 countries.

USA Pavilion – Participation Options

The USA Pavilion at IMEX Frankfurt 2022 offers a number of cost-efficient participation options, all with:

  • participation in group presentations
  • dedicated online diary for pre-scheduled appointments
  • prime show location
  • comprehensive overall USA Branding
  • access to meeting tables
  • refreshments and snacks service
  • Wi-Fi Internet and Daily Cleaning
  • individual listing in the Catalogue and Pocket Guide
  • use of ‘Contact the Buyers’ tool

The Market

Prior to the COVID-19 outbreak, the global MICE Market was forecasted to grow from $805 billion in 2017 t0 1,337 billion by 2028; despite the impact of the pandemic, experts still believe the Market will continue to grow at a fast pace as the world travel market recovers. Global Opportunity Analysis and Industry Forecast 2021–2028