Cleaning Management Services – CMS 2023

CMS, the Europe’s leading cleaning trade fair for Cleaning Systems, Building Management and Services, serves as an ideal platform for new contacts, corporate image building and potential business deals in the international cleaning market. Events such as a Forum covering topics like collective bargaining and wage policy, hygiene and health as well as professional training will attract qualified industry professionals.

Leading figures from the cleaning sector around the world, the decision maker and stakeholders in the cleaning sector are expected to attend the CMS Congress addressing components that significantly influence commercial enterprises in the cleaning industry.

Visitor Profile:

  • Commercial Cleaning
  • Public Contractors
  • Hotel, Restaurant and Catering Services
  • Industrial Companies
  • Healthcare Sector
  • Mobility – Train stations, airports, public transport

Exhibitor Profile – Cleaning, Management & Services:

  • Cleaning machinery, equipment and systems
  • Cleaning materials and agents
  • Accessories for machinery and equipment
  • Chemical cleaning and maintenance products
  • Industrial hygiene products
  • Technical equipment
  • Uniforms and protective clothing
  • Property Management – procurement, space, cost planning, facility accounting, personnel, contracts
  • Software – accounting, payroll, machinery deployment software
  • Services – support services for cleaning and maintenance, caretaker, landscaping, waste disposal, security, catering
  • Services for Institutions – agencies and consulting firms, industry associations, trade publications