International Green Week Berlin 2019

International Green Week Berlin 2019

Established in 1926, International Green Week is taking place for the 84th time in 2019. The IGW is a one-of-a-kind international exhibition for the food, agricultural and horticultural industries, as well as the point of origin for the Global Forum for Food and Agriculture with more than 60 departmental ministers. Producers from all over the world come to IGW to test market food and luxury items and reinforce their brand image.

Industry Sectors

The IGW features a comprehensive range of international foods and luxury items, fresh products of all types, product markets, beer, wine and champagne, meats and sausages, seafood, teas, herbs and spices, agricultural and horticultural machinery and equipment, seeds, greenhouses and gardening supplies, breeding stock, pets, hunting and fishing supplies. Furthermore, the IGW provides a special section featuring kitchen appliances, kitchen fixtures and household items.

International Green Week attracts consumers from Germany and neighboring countries, including the following:

International Green Week Facts & Figures

The IGW 2018 had 1,715 exhibitors from 65 countries, 65 agriculture ministers from all over the world, the powerful presence of domestic and international agricultural and economic policy delegations, 400,000 visitors (90,000 of whom were trade visitors), and more than 5,000 journalists (trade press and consumer media) from 70 countries. The success of IGW 2018 was widely covered in the Press with 15,000 newspaper and trade journal reports in Germany as well as in 400 telecasts and more than 1,500 radio reports.

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