InterAqua Japan 2020

InterAqua 2020, the 11th International Water Solution Exhibition, is a unique exhibition for the water industry showcasing materials, components and apparati which are indispensable in the process of water reuse, industrial cleaning, drainage, and recycled use for water and energy saving and cost reduction.

Against the backdrop of the ever-growing global need for quantitative and qualitative solutions in the water industry, various key players from Japan and overseas will gather together to open up a path to the next generation in the water-related business.

The three-day exhibition will offer an opportunity for participants to sow seeds of innovation, seek out technological cooperation and engage in business alliances through consultations and networking. This showcase is co-located with 12 related shows for a combined, synergistic effect; such shows include Energy and Environment Exhibition (ENEX) and Smart Energy Japan and International Nanotechnology Exhibition & Conference (nanotech).



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