Trade Show Representation

B-FOR International uses advanced marketing and communications strategies to promote leading international trade shows, attracting more North American exhibitors and attendees.

The United States has a population of nearly 320 million and the world’s largest economy. Despite constantly huge trade deficits the number of U.S. exporting companies is less than 1% as U.S. manufacturers and service providers concentrate on domestic sales in the world’s toughest market, ignoring potential export market opportunities. Understanding of international marketing among industry decision makers is therefore limited and B-FOR facilitates international trade show participation decisions by connecting new-to-export and new-to-market companies to sources of market information and export assistance.

The North American market is vast and very competitive and requires the skills, tools and means necessary to reach targeted audiences through the information jungle. B-FOR’s U.S.-based multilingual staff has vast experience from and deep knowledge of the North American market and international trade shows and provides show organizers with the in-market expertise and resources necessary for expanding the North American presence at their events. B-FOR has built segmented databases for industries covered by its trade show portfolio, continuously updated and expanded through data capturing, industry events, trade associations and media.

Officially endorsed pavilions at international trade shows give exhibitors the assurance that the show is a leading, acknowledged trade event and act as efficient sales tools for the show. By working closely with the U.S. Departments of Commerce and Agriculture as well as various trade organizations in the U.S. and Canada, B-FOR is in a position to offer official pavilions at shows, and show organizers benefit by having a single point of contact, responsible for all Pavilion exhibitor communication and payments.

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