Fenestration Asia 2017

The International Windows, Doors, Skylights, Curtain Wall & Facade Technology Exhibition

Energy-efficiency and sustainability coupled with safety, design, and comfort are some of the key requirements in the world of windows, doors, and facades. With the boom of the construction industry, especially in emerging countries of Southeast Asia, there is an increasing demand for windows, doors, facades, and related services and accessories.

Fenestration Asia 2017 will showcase industry standards in sustainability, automation, comfort, and energy-efficiency and is held concurrently with Glasstech Aisa 2017. Each edition attracts architects, developers, facility managers, market consultants, manufacturers, suppliers, local government departments, importers & exporters, and interior designers, consultants, & contractors.

Market Information

The global doors & windows industry is forecast to reach US$171 billion by 2018 and is anticipated to benefit from the growth in construction of both residential and non-residential projects. U.S. manufacturers of windows and doors are well-positioned to capitalize on the key trends affecting markets worldwide. (Source)

United States – Singapore Free Trade Agreement (FTA)

The United States-Singapore FTA has been in effect since January 1, 2004, and “has helped increase U.S. exports, improve U.S. competitiveness around the globe, secure a U.S. presence in Southeast Asia, and provide a standard of free trade that encourages a high level of liberalization. Doing business in Singapore has become even easier, faster, cheaper, and more transparent. The FTA has given U.S. businesses and exporters even more access to one of the world’s biggest markets, Southeast Asia”. (Source: Export.gov)

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